Auto Electrical Problem in car with flat battery or alternator or starter

5 Basic Auto Electrical Problems Explained

CAELEX Tech Tips

Auto Electrical problems are things that just about anyone can or has run into in their time as a car owner. A car’s wiring consists of a lot of wires and components, and usually if something goes wrong, we always tend to fear the worst.

We have however found that there are a few faults that should be checked first:

1. Battery

A Dead or faulty battery will most certainly be a problem for you, as
the car would not be able to start.

In most cases this can be fixed with a jump start, providing that the
battery is still in a good condition.

2. Battery Not Charging

If the battery does not hold the charge, it would mean that the battery
is faulty, and needs to be replaced.

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3. Alternator Not Charging

If the alternator is failing to charge the battery, the electrical systems
on the car would start failing, indicating that you have a problem.

4. Faulty Starter

If the battery is fully charged, but the engine does not turn, it would
indicate to a faulty starter, which would then have to be repaired or

5. Faulty Battery Cables

In some cases a very big voltage drop on the cables could also prevent
the vehicle from starting, or charging the battery. A voltage drop of
more than 0.2V would have to be checked

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