Repair and Remanufacture

On our 2500sqm premises, we repair and remanufacture starters, alternators and generators of all shapes and sizes in our unit remanufacturing workshop. We also also have an on-site rewinding and bendix rebuilding facility that can repair or remanufacture field coils, armatures, solenoids, stators, rotors and bendix drives.

All items are stripped down and built from the ground up. Our strict testing and quality control measures ensure the best quality workmanship on all repaired or remanufactured items.

Before & After Samples

Delco 50MT Starter Motor – Before

Delco 50MT Starter Motor – After

Delco Posidrive Bendix Drive – Before & After

12V Field Coil Housing – Before & After

12V Alternator – Before & After

12V Stator – Before & After

12V Rotor – Before & After