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Slip Rings

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  1. SRG8901i

    SRG8901i, Alternator, Slip Ring, 12V, OD=14.2mm, L=10.2mm, Visteon.
  2. SRG6067i

    SRG6067i, Alternator, Slip Ring, Toyota, ID=8.5mm, OD=15mm, H=20mm, Nippon Denso.
  3. SRG7900i

    SRG7900i, Alternator, Slip Ring Set, 12V, AAK, ISKRA, IR/IF.
  4. SRG0001

    SRG0001, Slip Ring, Valeo Type , Motorola Type, Prestolite Type, 8SC, 8LHA, SC175, Fits Heavy Duty Rotors, Dimensions,Outside Diameter= 24.8mm, Inside Diameter=10mm, Height=22mm
    SRG0001, Slip Ring, Valeo Type , Motorola Type, Prestolite Type, Fits Various Rotors Please Click On Item to see More Details/Dimensions
  5. SRG1002

    SRG1002, Slip Ring, Bosch Type, Fits Various Rotors Click To See Which Vehicles Along With Dimensions
  6. SRG1003i

    SRG1003i, Bosch Type, 12V, Pedestal Type, 0120485...Series, Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Ssangyong, Volkswagen
  7. SRG4000i

    SRG4000i, Slip Ring, Lucas, 12V, Fits AS123 Rotor (Lucas Universal Alternator)
  8. SRG4001

    SRG4001, Slip Ring , Lucas Type, Fits Various Rotors Check Dimensions To Confirm, 17ACR /21 ACR Type Alternators
  9. SRG1012

    SRG1012i, Slip Ring, Bosch Type, 0121615 Series, Fits Various Rotors Check Dimensions To Confirm
  10. SRG8701

    SRG8701, Slip Ring, Mando, 12V, Hyundai H100
  11. SRG0002I

    SRG0002, SRG0002i, Slipring, Valeo, IR/IF, Pedastil Type.
  12. SRG6097i

    SRG6097i, Slip Ring, 12V, Nippon Denso TYPE
  13. SRG6063i

    SRG6063i, its Various Rotors , look at dimensions to confirm.

Showing all 13 results